Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Virginia

Locally owned company bringing medical cannabis to the Commonwealth of Virginia’s patients from cultivation to our dispensary.

Vertically Integrated Pharmaceutical Processor of Medical Cannabis.

Dharma Pharmaceuticals – the first dispensary to provide medical cannabis products to patients in Virginia. 

We are a locally owned company committed to bringing high quality medical cannabis products to Virginia’s patients. With deep ties to southwest Virginia, we are the local faces that offer compassionate care to assist each medical cannabis patient according to their unique needs in our dispensary.

Become a Medical Cannabis Patient:

Follow these 3 steps to become registered as a medical cannabis patient in Virginia

Bringing You the Best Medical Cannabis Products

High Quality Medical Cannabis for Every Patient’s Needs

We are committed to bringing the highest quality cannabis products for our patient’s well-being. And we are continuously lobbying for new laws to innovate in the Commonwealth of Virginia to serve our patients better.

What to Bring With You:

Patients should bring the following to pick up medication in our dispensary:

Please ensure all documents are up to date

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we accept cash & canpay

Federal Regulations keep us from accepting any major credit cards. Get set up with Canpay today to pay for your orders. We also offer an onsite ATM.