Virginia Marijuana Legalization News:

Medical Cannabis Oils

In a groundbreaking vote in Virginia, both legislatures have voted to legalize recreational, adult use of marijuana. Beginning in 2024, cannabis will be available for purchase in regulated stores, with tax revenue ear-marked for pre-K and public health programs, addiction treatment and a fund to remedy the effects of the drug’s criminalization. About 68% of […]

Dharma: Virginia’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary!

Medical Cannabis Dispensary Virginia

Our opening day on October 17th was a monumental day for so many who have been involved with and followed our journey! We became the first medical marijuana dispensary to serve patients in the state of Virginia. WOW! What a privilege and honor.  We loved meeting our patients face to face and really hearing and […]

GRAND OPENING: Saturday, October 17th

Dharma is thrilled to announce that we will be holding our GRAND OPENING on Saturday, October 17th at our facility in Bristol. We cannot wait to see patients and assist everyone with their treatment options for medical cannabis. If you plan to visit Dharma on Saturday for the grand opening, please take note of some […]