Construction continues at medical cannabis facility in Bristol

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BRISTOL, Va ? The medical marijuana industry is exploding, and Bristol, Virginia is one of five CBD production plans approved in the state of Virginia.

Photo courtesy WCYB News
Photo courtesy WCYB News

What was once a JCPenney is now growing into a major CBD oil processing facility.

“We’re working very quickly to get this thing up and running,” said Chief Operating Officer of Dharma Pharmaceuticals, Jack Page.

Dharma Pharmaceuticals will provide patients with medical cannabis.

“Virginia is an extract-only state,” said Page. “So we will be using the oil that we extract from the plant, and then we can use any derivative from of the oil.”

Dharma’s Chief Executive Officer, Shanna Berry said products like oils, pills, lotions, and creams will be available and will be strictly regulated.

“We have specific regulations that we have to meet to make sure our products meet and exceed safety standards,” she said.

In order to enter the building, patients will have to receive approval by a certified provider and then register through the Commonwealth of Virginia in order to be issued a card.

The card enables patients to legally buy, carry and consume regulated, medical-grade cannabis products purchased from Dharma.

“At that point they will come to our pharmacy and dispensary and sit down with a pharmacist and they will make a recommendation to a formulation of medical cannabis that will fit their specific needs,” said Berry.

Both Page and Berry said security will be at the forefront.

“We will have on-site security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” said Page. “Our security is made up of former federal, state, and local law enforcement officials.”

Dharma has until December to obtain a license from the state. After they receive the license, it will take about 120 days to grow the plant.

The processing facility could open to patients as early as Spring of 2020.

Original article can be read on the WCYB News Website.