Dharma Pharmaceuticals celebrates with community before going into production

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BRISTOL, Va. (WCYB) ? Dharma Pharmaceuticals will operate as the first medical cannabis processing facility in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Before going into production, Dharma’s executives cut the ribbon and followed the celebration with exclusive tours for visitors.

The old JCPenney’s store at the Bristol Mall is taking on a new form, and the community showed support in numbers. Roughly 150 people attended the celebration.

This medical cannabis facility is only one of five approved in Virginia. “We crossed the finish line before any of them did, so we are super excited and ready to serve patients,” said Founder and Chief Operating Officer Jack Page.

“It’s great,” said Bristol, Virginia Vice Mayor Bill Hartley. “For this building to sit here empty, and finally be put back to a new use, see people coming, we hope this is just the first of many good things to come this year.”

Dharma’s owners say top priorities include security and offering a new kind of treatment for patients.

“We hope to be in the production phase within the next two weeks to 30 days,” said Page.

By May or June, CBD and THC-A oils, pills, lotions and patches are set to roll out.

“People will be coming from all over the Southwest Virginia region to come to Bristol,” said Bristol, Virginia Councilman Anthony Farnum.

For more information on registering as a patient in Virginia’s Medical Cannabis Program, click here. A special card is required for all patients upon entry and consultation.

Courtesy of WCYB News – https://wcyb.com/news/local/dharma-pharmaceuticals-celebrates-with-community-before-going-into-production