Dharma: Virginia’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary!

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Our opening day on October 17th was a monumental day for so many who have been involved with and followed our journey! We became the first medical marijuana dispensary to serve patients in the state of Virginia. WOW! What a privilege and honor. 

We loved meeting our patients face to face and really hearing and seeing first hand how cannabis has impacted their life in a positive way. It assured us that the long battle for medical legalization was not fought in vain. 

Since our opening day, we?ve had the opportunity to serve patients with a wide range of conditions such as MS, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, PTSD, Cancer, and so many more. Hearing how our patient?s abilities to cope with their conditions and how their overall quality of life has improved by using our medication has been so rewarding to us. We?re excited for the future and the opportunity to provide more Virginian?s with high quality cannabis! 

?The first night after visiting Dharma when I got home, I took the oil. In 2 hours, my chest went flat … I can feel my collar bone. The oil is pulling the water off! The oil unlocked the rest of a ‘frozen shoulder’ I had years ago. This morning, while backing my car out, my neck finally turned to where I could look behind me.? ~Amy – Valued Dharma Pharmaceuticals Patient

Cannabis Oil

Delivery & Pickup Now Available

We have patients all across Virginia rely on medical marijuana for their wellbeing, so we thought it was crucial to provide our patients with flexible methods to receive their medication. We have partnered with High Road Delivery to provide delivery services straight to our patients’ door steps, servicing cannabis users across the state of Virginia. Reference their delivery map below! 

We also partnered with Leafly to provide in-store pickup that will expedite the process and get patients in and out with their medicinal marijuana products. All of our services can be accessed through our website once you’ve registered as a patient with Dharma.

Our Line of Cannabis Products

Since opening day, we have gotten such great feedback about our cannabis products! Our versatile product line features tinctures, vape cartridges, ingestibles and even suppositories and muscle rub. It?s extremely important to us that we meet the needs of all of our patients and continue to offer different administrations of our medication. Stay tuned for an extended product menu!

?I use cannabis for my anxiety and depression, and it definitely helps with both of those. It?s really nice that now you can find something that is safe and you know who grew it.? ~ Jennifer – Valued Dharma Patient

Meet Our Team at Dharma Pharmaceuticals

Legislative News:

Keeping patients in the loop about prospective legislative changes at Dharma is extremely important to us. We hear your needs and we are advocating for you every day. In 2021, we plan to introduce an ?Operations Bill? that will make the entire process of becoming a medical marijuana patient and coming to our facility easier and more accessible. Many of our patients have expressed the desire for cannabis flower on our product menu and we are diligently working to make this a reality as well with a ?Flower Bill?. Providing patients with their preferable consumption of medication is our upmost priority and we are aware that raw flower is important for many of our valued patients. 

With numerous larger scale changes in the cannabis industry on the horizon, we wanted to address the possibility of an adult market becoming a reality. While we are open to the possibility of serving an adult market in the future, our medical patients will always be our first priority at Dharma Pharmaceuticals.

“Cannabis has provided treatment options for my ?rare medical condition, Retinitis pigmentosa. I?m extremely excited that I have an option-finally- to fight this disease.? ~David – Valued Dharma Pharmaceuticals Patient

Dharma 2.0 & Plans for Future Dispensaries:

If you didn?t already know, Dharma is moving to Abingdon Virginia in 2021! We have officially broken ground at our new facility. We look forward to more space and bigger opportunities to better serve our patients in the future! 

Dharma is also expanding with FIVE off-site dispensaries throughout Virginia in 2021. We can?t wait to ensure that our medicine is easily accessible for all of our patients near and far.