Trisomy 21 and Cannabis: How Medical Cannabis Helped This Patient

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In honor of Trisomy Awareness Month, Dharma is featuring an inspiring testimonial from one of our patients affected by this genetic condition. Meet Nathan, and his mom who shared the difference that medical cannabis has had on his quality of life:

Dharma Pharmaceuticals Has Been Part of a Major Improvement in Quality of Life for Our Son!

“Our son Nathan is 17 years old and has the dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and autism. Sometimes his autism causes frustration and self-injurious behaviors. He also has PTSD, anxiety disorder, and a painful condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Others with this condition tell me that the pain is like a thousand burning hot needles stabbing your skin. We have tried CBD products with some benefits for several years, but knew that peers with oils containing THC had better results.

Nathaniel Hughes, a Dharma Pharmaceutical patient who has benefitted from medical cannabis use, with his mother.

As soon as we contacted Dharma Pharmaceuticals, I knew we were in good hands. The staff listened to our son’s needs and sat down with us to help decide what treatment would be best. I walked out of the dispensary with so much joy and even more hope.

Nathan’s Mood and Pain Improved After Medical Cannabis Use :

“Within 24 HOURS, we noticed a marked difference in Nathan. He woke up in a happy and calm mood. He got ready for school with no issues, walked to the car on his own, and was humming as the car pulled away. When he returned, his note said, “Nathan had a calm, relaxed and wonderful day. He showed no signs of pain and got all of his work done.” In the days following, every note was similar. Additionally, we noticed that he began verbalizing a lot more than normal, and that much of what he was saying was more clearly articulated.

We knew of similar successes among others with the same diagnoses, but we could not have expected Nathan’s results to be so immediate and so WONDERFUL! For the first time in many years, his anxiety and pain are minimal, and he isn’t crying and asking to go to the hospital. Instead, he is happy, joyful, talkative, and relaxed!”

If you are looking for a dispensary, Dharma is the place! Ordering is simple and each time I have had a question, I get a response almost immediately. I also get a follow-up phone call to make sure all is well. This type of service and “bedside manner” is almost unheard of in these times. “

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to help Virginians have access to this much needed medication. Thank you to all of the staff at Dharma. You all should be blessed tenfold for the relief and joy your efforts have brought to our child, and to our family as a whole.”

Medical Cannabis Studies Show Reduced Disruptive Behaviors in Autism Patients

According to a study out of Israel, “cannabinoids resulted in reductions in disruptive behavior (as measured by the Clinical Global Impression-Improvement scale) compared to those on the placebo. In total, 49% of participants were noted to have had ‘much or very much improved’ behavior while on plant extracts, whereas the same was true for just 21% on the placebo.” 

This study’s findings are consistent with previous clinical trials that associate improved patient outcomes with the oral administration of plant-derived cannabis extracts. As with Nathan, many patients with Trisomy 21 also struggle with coexisting disorders such as Autism (ASD), anxiety and PTSD. Dharma Pharmaceuticals is committed to providing medical marijuana access to patients who may benefit from cannabis treatment for these disorders.