Virginia Medical Cannabis Legislative Action Alert

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We are thrilled to announce that on Friday, March 19, 2021 Governor Northam signed legislation to advance and expand Virginia’s medical cannabis program. HB1988 enacts a number of program reforms including increased patient access for those in assisted living and hospice, allows appointments via telemedicine with registered practitioners, and allows registered patients to bring companions into our dispensing areas when visiting our facilities. We would like to thank Delegate Dawn Adams for all of her hard work on HB1988. HB2218 and SB1333 expand the medical cannabis program to allow flower products to be dispensed in Virginia. We receive calls daily from patients across Virginia asking if flower products are an option and finally in late 2021 we will be able to answer yes! Thank you to Delegate Cliff Hayes and Senator Louise Lucas for carrying this important legislation for Virginia’s medical cannabis patients. Special thanks to our government relations team, Ashley Allen and Jerry Kilgore, for making this a reality for our patients.

Virginia's medical cannabis program expands to allow flower products